Fire Department


2400 Post Road
Plover, WI 54467



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Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8 am to 4:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday
Call Ahead

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Cisewski, Tim Assistant Chief (EMS) 715-345-5310  
Anacker, Chad Paramedic      
Benser, Megan Paramedic      
Ceplina, Jim Lieutenant      
Christiansen, Matt Lieutenant      
Cisewski, Brandon Captain      
Collins, Ken Captain      
Cornwell, Doug Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)      
Dean, Roger Firefighter      
Deaver, Mark Fire Chief 715-345-5310  
DeWitt, Randy Assistant Chief      
DeWitt, Tom Assistant Chief      
Diamond, David Paramedic      
Fletcher, Kevin Firefighter / Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)      
Folan, Dan Fire Inspector      
Fromm, Mitch Lieutenant      
Hansen, Lisa Paramedic      
Hudek, Zach Firefighter      
Jackson, Larry Firefighter      
Kenealy, Paul Firefighter / Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)      
Killeen, Casey Firefighter      
Koehler, Michael Firefighter      
Kowalksi, Emma Paramedic      
Krajewski, Jacob Paramedic      
Krebsbach, Mike Firefighter / MPO      
Krug, Eric Firefighter      
Krzmarzick, Kelly Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)      
Leindecker, Linda A-EMT      
Mateer, Robert Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)      
Meddaugh, Ethan Captain      
Mlodik, Alyssa Fire Medic      
Nelson, Austin Firefighter      
Nelson-Skoug, Jeff Firefighter      
Price, Sam Firefighter      
Rohl, Frank Fire Medic      
Sadogierski, Kyle Paramedic      
Schoonover, Matt Lieutenant      
Sievwright, Jim Firefighter      
Shifflett, Dylan Firefighter      
Smith, Steve Firefighter      
Sullivan, Bobby Fire Medic      
Voss, Ken Deputy Chief 715-345-5310  
Weeks, Stacy Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)      
Wheeler, Krystal Paramedic      
Windsor, Bryanna Paramedic      
Winkler, Andrew Paramedic      
Worthey, Bryan Firefighter      
Wroblewski, Dean Firefighter / MPO      
Wriedt, Adam Firefighter      
Wroblewski, Don Firefighter      
Zarecki, Brittany Administrative Assistant 715-345-5310  
Zblewski, Samantha Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)      
Zellner, Michael Firefighter / MPO      

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) 
Link: Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Cisewski, Tim Assistant Chief of EMS