Collection System

Wastewater Collection EquipmentThe wastewater collection system serves the developed area of the Village covering approximately 12 square miles with over 89 miles of sewer main, and 1,629 manholes with continuous additions through developments.

The collection system has ten lift stations, central collection points for a service area, throughout the Village. The wastewater flows by gravity to a lift station; it is then pumped via force main to the service area of the gravity interceptor, or in three cases, to another service area.

There are two pumps in each lift station, which cycle on and off automatically. Floats, or a level sensing system, sense the liquid level in the collection wells and control the pumps. All lift stations are monitored for alarm conditions by radio telemetry. Any alarm conditions are transmitted to the master unit at the Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) and system personnel are notified by a telephone dialer system.