Records / Citations

Our records section is comprised of 3 administrative professionals and serves as an answering point for citizen inquiries, both by phone and walk-in, during normal business hours. The section is responsible for data entry, management and retention of case reports, accident reports, traffic citations, warnings, parking citations, and various other police records. The records section also fills open records requests.

Reports are available from the Plover Police Department through our records office typically within 10 days of submission. A written request is required to fulfill report requests in an efficient manner. An online request form is available or forms may be picked up at the Plover Police Department. These requests are then submitted to the records office where a thorough search of our records in conducted. The information is then dispersed based on the guidelines for law enforcement of the Wisconsin Open Records Act.

Fees for Records

  • Accident/Incident Report and Background Check Copies: $.50 per page
  • Photos and Audio/Video Recordings on CD:  $10 per CD
  • Shipping/Handling: Varies

If it is anticipated that the cost of locating records will exceed $50, you will be contacted and required to pre-pay the estimated cost of the reproduction of records.

Open Records Request

Plover Police Department has partnered with CARFAX to bring you 24/7 accident reports that occurred in the Village of Plover. To get a copy of your accident report visit the CrashDocs website.

Individuals requesting reports containing Juvenile Information must also complete the Juvenile Record Request Section of the Request Form.


The cost for fingerprinting is $25 which may be paid via cash or check. Fingerprinting is done on:

  • Tuesday
    10 am until noon
  • Wednesday
    1 pm to 3 pm

Citations / Fines

Can be paid online via the Municipal Court Clerks webpage or in person at:

1515 Strongs Avenue
Stevens Point, WI